Intense Workouts According To Your Level

Every boot camper comes with different fitness level. After your Fitness Assessments you will know in what level you should be in order to get the best benefits from our fitness boot camp class. Fitness Boot Camp for Beginners: In this level we practice basic exercises with medium-to-low intensity. This

Eating After A Workout

The information about not eating after a workout is completely wrong. Every responsible source in bodybuilding and athletics recommends that you eat after training, and preferably within 45 minutes (maybe up to 60) after a workout. This period, known as the golden hour, is when the muscles absorb the most

What is Cardiovascular Training?

Cardiovascular training is anything that gets your heart pumping at an elevated speed. This includes walking, jogging, bikeriding, swimming, playing sports, roller skating … you get the idea! Cardiovascular training is used to burn calories and to improve one’s overall conditioning. Why should I train my cardiovascular system? Walking, jogging,

Weight Loss Competition Guidelines.

Weight loss should be the result of healthier eating and exercise habits. Participants are on the honor system and should participate in a healthy and fair manner. Prohibited: • Diet pills (herbal or prescription appetite suppressants, metabolism enhancers, etc.) • Water pills (diuretics) unless prescribed for a medical condition such