Cardiovascular training is anything that gets your heart pumping at an elevated speed. This includes walking, jogging, bikeriding, swimming, playing sports, roller skating … you get the idea! Cardiovascular training is used to burn calories and to improve one’s overall conditioning.
Why should I train my cardiovascular system?
Walking, jogging, biking … they all seems to take so much effort! Why should I make myself do these when I don’t enjoy them? While cardiovascular training may seem like a chore, you will be more than willing to hop on a treadmill after reading the following benefits to cardiovascular training!
Weight Loss
Probably the most cherished side effect of cardiovascular training is losing those unwanted pounds! Since your body’s decision to store fat is based on the equation of Energy In vs. Energy Out, the more Energy Out that you have the less energy you will have to store on your waist, hips and thighs.
When was the last time you got winded walking up a flight of stairs? Not the greatest feeling was it? When you are wheezing and clutching your side ache, you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are out of shape! When you train your cardiovascular system you will begin to find that you don’t lose your breath as easily under strenuous activity. Your heart becomes conditioned to pump faster on demand without sending you into a wheezing fit. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, and if you want to enjoy the new body you are about to create, then wouldn’t you want to have a healthy heart along with it? I know of two heart surgeons who would agree with me.
Disease Prevention
Heart attack, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes are just a few of the diseases that you would be defending yourself against with cardiovascular training. By losing excess weight and conditioning your body, you arm your body against these and many other ailments.