As a new member of Miami’s Top Fitness you should know that:
1- Wearing a Miami’s Top Fitness Logo T-Shirt is mandatory in every class. It helps to promote the class and keep membership prices low for everyone. Also by wearing the T-shirt, it means that we’re a team and help each other to reach our goals.
Shirt Pricing:
• Men’s Regular t-shirts $15.00 and Premium $20.00
• Women’s Regular t-shirts $15.00 and Premium $20.00
2- It’s also mandatory to register in our website which is set up to charge class tuition automatically until you decide to unsubscribe without any fees or penalties. This mechanism allows me to concentrate as an instructor and deliver a high quality class instead of dedicating time to collection.
You should know
• In case of rain, classes will be taught inside a shelter that the park administration assigns to us # 1.
• We never cancel Boot Camp classes, to be sure if a class will be taught or not, you may contact me by calling at 786-301-5102.
If you are using a special deal (price-break) and for any reason you decide to cancel your membership, you will be welcome back; however at regular price.
3 – Download the following documents, complete them, and present them before taking the class.
– General Release of Waiver of Liability
– Health Information
4 – You need to wear comfortable workout gear. Appropriate shoes you can run in, this are very important as it makes the difference in loving and hating the running experience. Also bring a positive attitude, round 10-20 pounds dumbbells, yoga mat, and full water bottle. Optional items are a towel to dry off with and training gloves.