Is this Boot Camp just like in the military?

Many people need a big push to get them jump started in fitness. This is why the military approach is successful. There are no put downs, ridicules or downgrading in this training, just encouragement and praise. The camaraderie, team building skills and obstacles make for a mentally and physically challenging

Why do we pay to do simple exercises?

I wish to remind you that the exercise programs should respect biological principles since all physical effort has an internal effect (physiological, biochemical, morphologic and psychological). This is why we run a great risk. If we perform an incorrect dosage of exercises, they can negatively affect your body, health, and

Why Miami Fitness Boot Camp?

Here you have many reasons to select Miami’s Top Fitness Boot Camp to achieve your fitness goals. Every existing boot camp in Miami are practically the same with regards to exercises, time and type of location where they take place. Few are correctly organized and planned so that its participants